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Solid Steroid Cycles for Different Goals! REVISED

Cycles for Solid Muscle Gains

Solid Steroid Cycles for Solid Muscle Gains


This thread is for newbies and vets looking for cycles for specific goals. I have revised this as the Iron Game is constantly evolving and we need to keep up.Now before I get started, I have to emphasize that your diet, training, and rest is the key to achieving your goals. All cycles can be turned into a bulking cycle or cutting depending on your food consumption.

Post Cycle therapy


PCT should be used at the end of any steroid cycle. No if. ands or buts… ALWAYS
*Clomid therapy: 36 pills. 300mg day 1, 100mg next 10, 50mg final 10.
** Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) therapy is instituted for the prevention of testicular atrophy. The old practice was effective, but I feel prevention is more productive than trying to revert the problem late in the cycle.

Solid first cycle

Week 1 to 10: 400mg of EQ
Week 1 to 10: 4-500mg of test
Week 13 to 15: Clomid Therapy*

Bulking Cycle # 1

Week 1 to 16: .5mg of arimidex EOD
Week 1 to 12: 300-500ius of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) every 4th or 5th day**
Week 1 to 6: 30mg of D-bol ED
Week 1 to 10: 600mg of EQ
Week 1 to 10: 750mg of Test
Week 13 to 15: Clomid Therapy*

Bulking Cycle # 2

Week 1 to 16: .5mg of arimidex EOD
Week 1 to 12: 300-500ius of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) every 4th or 5th day**
Week 1 to 5: 50mg of Anadrol ED
Week 1 to 6: 750mg of Test
Week 1 to 10: 400mg of Deca
Week 7 to 12: 75mg of Fina (trenbolones acetate) ED
Week 7 to 12: 100mg of Prop ED
Week 7 to 12: 50mg of Winstrol (winny) ED
Week 13 to 15: Clomid Therapy*

Cutting Cycle # 1

Week 1 to 8: 300-500ius of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) every 4th or 5th day**
Week 1 to 8: 50mg of Prop ED
Week 1 to 8: 75mg of Fina ED
Week 1 to 8: 50mg of Winstrol (winny) ED
Week 1 to 10: 50mg of proviron ED
Week 13 to 15: Clomid therapy*

Cutting Cycle # 2

Week 1 to 16: .5mg of Arimidex EOD
Week 1 to 12: 300-500ius of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) every 4th or 5th day**
Week 1 to 10: 400mg of EQ
Week 1 to 8: 40mg of Oxandrolone ED
Week 4 to 12: 50mg of Prop ED
Week 7 to 12: 50mg of Winstrol (winny) ED
Week 13 to 15: Clomid Therapy*

Lean Mass Cycle

Week 1 to 16: .5mg of Arimidex EOD
Week 1 to 12: 300-500ius of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) every 4th or 5th day**
Week 1 to 12: 2ius of GH 5 on 2 off
Week 1 to 10: 500mg of Test
Week 1 to 12: 400mg of EQ
Week 7 to 12: 40mg of Oxandrolone
Week 14 to 16: Clomid Therapy*

Basic bridge

Week 1 to 8: 30mg of Oxandrolone ED
Week 1 to 8: 10 grams of creatine and 20 grams of glutamine Ed

Experienced Bridge

Week 1 to 8: 10ius of Insulin post workout
Week 1 to 8: 10 grams of creatine and 20 grams of glutamine Ed
Week 1 to 8: 100grams of Dextrose 10 minutes after insulin shot
Week 1 to 8: 150grams( 3 shakes) of WPI during active time of insulin.

There are many different combination that we can all use in the Iron Game. I have only used a few. These are basic cycles that will work well for many users. I have only included Deca in one cycle as I feel its negative effects on a HPTA are easily avoided with the use of EQ. Some will say Fina will do the same thing, but because its ester works much faster, I believe it is not as suppressive as Deca.

Remember Diet is the key to all cycles. If you don’t eat enough, you wont bulk, if you eat to much, you wont cut.

Diet is the key to success in the Iron Game!!

Guys, good luck and be safe!
by lawnsaver

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Steroid Cycling in 2015- a newer perspective

anabolic steroid Cycling

performance enhancing drugs

I’ve (Glycomann) written something like this before but feel compelled to make an updated version. So to me cycling AAS (steroids) and other PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) is not really rocket science. There is a defined way to run these things. If you will, a sort of outline with some rules that make these endeavors effective and safe over the long term.

Every cycle after the first 2-3 years should have 4 components.

1) test base,
2) primary anabolic,
3) secondary anabolic (cycle booster anabolic),
4) Growth hormone axis compound (s).

First a word on dosages.

The effective dose is the target. Don’t get confused by internet cowboys that treat this enhancement endeavor like it’s a drinking game in sophomore year of college. It isn’t, More is not better. Crank things beyond you tolerance and you get side effects. Side effects mean you are not optimizing your cycle. Side effects, when bad enough, mean that you are toxic and cannot train optimally. So if you have anxiety, sweating all the time, leaking oil from your skin, bloated as fugg, out of breath going up 3 flights of stairs… you are fugging up your own game. The name of the game is to enhance your performance, not see who can tolerate side effects the best.

OK so the typical 12 week cycle should have the general form:

1-12 Test ester xxx mg/w
1-12 Primary anabolic xxx mg/w
6-12 Secondary anabolic xxx mg/w
1-12 GH axis compound(s)

Test base and why we use one:


It is the androgen that every animal from frogs to man has evolved to make the male of the species male. It is necessary for proper musculoskeletal development and maintenance, neural development, proper functioning in the limbic system in the brain, reproduction, secondary sex characteristics, and many more functions. It interconvert to other hormones in target tissues providing proper signaling in the proper signal density and duration. Synthetic androgens do not perform all of these functions or interconvert to all the necessary compounds. Testosterone (T) is the king of male biology. Without it you cannot be male. Add it to your cycle in at least replacement dose, which is 100 mg/w on average. Typically on cycle I use 200-300 mg/w of a medium ester test. On TRT I use androgel at 2-4 pumps a day. On TRT injectable I use 100-150 mg/w.

Use of testosterone comes with some caveats. It readily converts to estrogens (E) and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Either one gets to high and there can be problems. These two compounds can cause a lot of side effects. The reason I don’t go above 300 mg/w is because I tolerate that dose without conversion to DHT or E to far outside of normal range. To get more anabolic effect that’s where the anabolics come in.

Primary anabolic steroid:

This group of compounds mostly are derived or are produced to mimic testosterone except they are attenuated such that conversion to DHT and E has been reduced to lower levels than an equal dose of T. There are exceptions, like trenbolone, but the major push when developing these drugs in the 50s 60s and 70s was to make compounds that have reduced DHT and E like effects and maximize the anabolic component.

So the anabolics are great additions to crank up anabolism without adding a lot of DHT and E related side effects. Good compounds to choose from for the primary anabolic are Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate), Masteron (Drostanolone, propionate and enanthate), nandrolones (decanoate and phenyl propionate esters), and Primobolan (methenolone enanthate).each has a somewhat distint personality.

Equipoise is long acting and tends to add more red cells than other anabolics. In fact, tht’s why it works so well in horses since they have a spleen that holds a reserve of red cells for release during athletic stress for added oxygen exchange. Humans don’t have that adaptation so we can get a little to heavy in the red cells and need to give blood. Keep that in mind when the next internet moron says “EQ is useless unless run for 16 weeks or more.” EQ is a good steroid. It may be mild in some users. Personally, I always did well with it. I’ve used it solo to test it’s effects. It is a great hardener and volumizer. A good dosage range is 300 – 600 mg/w. If you are on the higher end of dose range you will want to give blood after 8 weeks on this stuff especially if you are over 40. if I want to dry out when lean I will drop test for a week or two when on EQ.

Masteron has a little more DHT activity than others in this category. In some ways it is similar to EQ except that it can lead to BPH symptoms. So your pecker might trickle a little into your underpants when using this compound. A counter for this is saw palmetto at a gram a day whenever on this stuff. It is an herbal and has no side effects. Masterone is great for filling in. It adds fullness to the physique without subQ water retention.
It has no conversion to estrogen. It can cause oily skin so frequent showering will help prevent acne. A dose of 300-600 mg/w is a good range for this stuff.

Nandrolones are good and bad. Probably about ½ or more users contract ED when on nandrolone and it lasts a long time after its use. Whether you are or are not susceptible to this side effect the drug itself is highly anabolic. You will add muscle mass with this drug. I don’t use it myself since I have this sensitivity. 400-600 mg/w is a good range for this. It is also very good for relief of joint pain. For this purpose even 200 mg/w can be effective.

Primobolan is about as close to a oure anabolic as there is. It is mild in anabolic action but gives a very nice slow accrual of new muscle mass. The look is generally full round and lean if the diet and training are proper. When I use this drug my test base is pretty low so as to take advantage of the dry full look. A weekly dose of 400-800 mg is effective. You particular biology will dictate the dose you need for progress as with all other PEDs.

Secondary Anabolic Steroid:

This drug comes in about 1/3 or ½ way into the cycle. It is added to activate further gains in mass or a certain look. I put quite a few drugs into this category. They are mostly fast acting highly anabolic drugs. They include Dianabol, Anadrol, Anavar, Turinabol, Winstrol, Epistane, Superdrol, and Trenbolone Acetate.

The first 2 are “wet compounds” meaning they produce estrogen like water retention. I say estrogen like because Anadrol does not seem to convert to estrogen but seems to bind directly to the E receptor or convert to another compound that does. Dianabol converts to 17 methyl estradiol which is much stronger than normal estradiol. They tend to add a lot of strength but also a lot of water retention.

Anavar, Turinabol, Winstrol, Epistane, Superdrol are all dry drugs. There is no conversion to estrogen. Anavar and Turinabol are very similar in effect, mainly providing lean dry gains in mass. Anavar can aid in fat burning. Winstrol is very drying. It increases C1 inhihitor production leading to a shift in water retention out of the subQ layers. In me it has been very anabolic and androgenic but this is sort of rare for this drug. Epistane is an exotic oral and has effects similar to Anavar or slightly drier like Winstrol. Superdrol is fairly dry but also toxic on the order of that of Anadrol. However it is very powerful and usually used in no more than 10-30 mg/d ranges. All others, other than Anadrol, are generally used in the 30-60 mg/d range. The idea is to add them 5-6 weeks in and they will add positively to the cycle. For instance if you want to push dry gains further add Anavar and maintain a clean diet. Chances are you will gain a few or more lean lbs and get harder, leaner and fuller. If strength is the aim then Dianabol or Anadrol can be the choice. Anadrol is generally used in 50-100 mg/d range.

Trenbolone acetate (TA) is one of the most powerful AAS made. It is used for beefing up cattle in the last 3 weeks before slaughter. That’s how fast it acts. It is associated with quite the impressive range of side effects including night sweats, tren cough, agitation, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, extreme aggression, paranoia, god complex, loss of cardiovascular performance and others. These side effects are, for the most part, dosage related. Lots of board warriors claim big doses like a gram a week. I’d like to talk to their girlfriends and wives and ask if they think 1000 mg a week was a good idea. TA is so harsh but SSSOOOO effective. It’s worth doing if you are responsible enough to dial in your dose and keep the use to short periods like at the back end of a cycle. Effects are fat burning, extreme strength gains and extreme physique transformation. Basically it carves you out while adding some decent mass and strength. You can mess it up with poor diet and training but if these are on point TA can be very effective. Doses range from 125 to 500 mg/w. At 500 mg/w, in 6 weeks, I would have one or more court dates, be in the process of divorce and probably set PRs in 2 or more exercises.

GH axis modifiers:

Androgens work in concert with growth hormone and its downstream signaling molecules. Synthetic GH is one of the key drugs responsible for the increase in mass of bodybuilders in the late 80s and afterward. The synthetic form is one of 5 that are naturally produced and released from the pituitary. There is a lot of faked and poor quality GH on the market and it is generally fairly expensive to find and obtain good Chinese UGL or other generic forms on the black market. Side effects can be joint pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and water retention. Dosing is complex. Generally the user must taper the dose upward over weeks or months. Typically a dose of 3-6 iu/d will be effective. True US pharma grade GH is effective at the lower end or even slightly less. Doses of 1-2 iu/d can be used for anti aging. Higher doses can lead to increases in muscle mass and accentuated fat burning. Typically GH cycle will last for 6 months or more. Personally I stay away from GH since it is so often faked and is fairly expensive. Plus at 2-3 iu a day I really don’t get much more out of it than a good peptide regimen.

A good alternative in my experience is GHRP-2 and CJC1295 DAC. Doses are 100-300 2-4x a day for the former and 500-1000 mcg 2x a week for the later. These guys both work at the pituitary to release natural GH, that’s all 5 isoforms, but they work at different receptors so their action is additive. In my opinion they work better in older individuals and in those cases make AAS work better.

IGF-1 LR3 is another great peptide product, that is, if you can find the real product. I have used some very good LR3 and it made me pump like crazy and drop fat like crazy. Very visual effects are seen in 3 weeks. 6 week cycles with this stuff are great for a transformed look. It works great in PCT starting right after the last shot of AAS. I use it along side GHRP-2 since alone LR3 may diminish natural GH release. The GHRP2 should maintain the normal secretion pattern. Be careful with this stuff since it can lead to hypoglycemic like symptoms. Keep some cabs on hand for about 90 minutes after dose, 30-100 mcg per day is a good range with this stuff.

A word on ancillaries and dialing in your dose

The best thing to do is try to dial in your dose. Most of you should be able to remember what dose of your favorite compounds made you feel like shit. Well use less than that. Or, you can start from scratch. Start out conservative and re-evaluate every 3 weeks. If comfortable up the dose 50% and repeat the process one or 2 more cycles. At the dose you feel uncomfortable is when you are on too much and then the next lower dose is your sweet spot. You can exceed your natural limit for a particular compound with ancillaries like anti estrogens, blood pressure meds etc but I really don’t see the point unless you rare bound and determined to get over the 2 gram/w range to see where that will take you.

One can easily choose a set of compounds and doses that makes ancillaries all but unnecessary. Personally, I have made a spreadsheet that predicts the number of normal equivalents of estrogenic, androgenic, anabolic and progestogenic character a cycle will have. By normal equivalents I mean the amount of said activity produced naturally predicted by blood work and experience. Similarly, what the character would be on a TRT dose. For instance ~150 mg/w of Test C puts me at 1000 ng.dL of testosterone (this is the normal for androgenic and anabolic) 20 pg/mL estrogen, and 1 ng/dL progesterone. These are what I consider 1 normal equivalent. At slightly less than 3x normal equivalents based on testosterone is where I begin to need ancillaries. So I aim for estrogenic, androgenic, and progestogenic equivalents of ~3 or less. Anabolic equivalents can go as high as possible whilst keeping the others around 3, more or less.

When trenbolone is added it is difficult to stay under 3 for androgenic equivalents and that’s where saw palmetto comes in. In my scheme trenbolone has 3 times the equivalents of androgenic and 3 times the anabolic character as testosterone. You can see here that I don’t directly substitute androgenic anabolic ratios. Rather these numbers are based on my estimates. Trenbolone does not have estrogenic activity but some progestogenic activity, about 1 additional progestogenic equivalent per 175 mg. So you can see where adding 300 mg or more a week can have a strong impact on side effects.

Another example is Anavar. Per 175 mg, in my scheme it has 0.25 equivalents of androgenic, 1.75 equivalents of anabolic and no components of estrogenic or progestogenic character. You can see where adding 300-350 mg/w can add a lot of anabolic character whilst adding very few estrogenic or androgenic side effects. Anavar isn’t just for women. Primobolin is similar in character. Turinabol is similar to Anavar except that it is somewhat more hepatotoxic.

Equipoise has the following ratings per 175 mg: estrogenic 0.5, androgenic 0.5, anabolic 1.0 and progestogenic 0.0. So, adding 500 mg a week is similar to adding the same anount of testosterone with less than ½ the amount of androgenic and estrogenic components. The one major drawback is the high erythropoietic (red cell production) character discussed earlier.

So using the estrogenic, androgenic, anabolic and progestogenic equivalents for each compound in your cycle it is possible to dial in your effective dose while avoiding side effects. I do allow myself to tweak things around the edges with ancillaries. My favorite ancillaries are as follows:

Exemastane: suicide aromatase inhibitor. It has little effect on IGF-1 levels like other AIs. Also it has less impact on blood lipid levels as the others.

Saw palmetto: is an herbal DHT inhibitor that seems specific for the prostate. So it is very valuable for warding off BPH like symptoms when using things like Masteron or trenbolones or higher amounts of testosterone.

Cabergoline: is a dopamine receptor 2 agonist. It reduces prolactin secretion that are secondary to high progestogenic activity. It helps to prevent or relieve ED problems caused by such activities.

Cialis: long acting PDE5 inhibitor medication for ED. It can be active for many hours.

Viagra: short acting PDE5 medication. It is active for a few hours.

Example steroid cycles

Cycle 1
1-12 Test E 300 mg
1-12 EQ 400 mg
6-12 Anavar 350 mg/w
1-12 GHRP-2 300 mcg 3x/d
6-12 CJC1295 DAC 1000 mcg 2x/w
Androgen equivalent Estrogen equivalent Anabolic equivalent Progesteron
6.21 4.00 10.36 0.69
Saw Palmetto and/or a small dose of Exemastane may be needed.

Cycle 2
1-12 Test C 300 mg
1-12 Primobolan 500 mg
6-12 Turinabol 350 mg/w
1-12 GHRP-2 300 mcg 3x/d
6-12 CJC1295 DAC 1000 mcg 2x/w
Androgen equivalent Estrogen equivalent Anabolic equivalent Progesteron
6.50 2.86 11.64 0.69
Saw Palmetto may be needed.

Cycle 3
1-12 Test phenyl propionate 300 mg
1-12 Primobolan 500 mg
1-6 Turinabol 350 mg/w
6-12 Trenbolone acetate 150 mg/w
1-12 GHRP-2 300 mcg 3x/d
6-12 CJC1295 DAC 1000 mcg 2x/w
Androgen equivalent Estrogen equivalent Anabolic equivalent Progesteron
9.07 2.86 14.21 1.76
Saw Palmetto will likely be needed.

Cycle 4
1-12 Test C 300 mg
1-12 Primobolan 500 mg
6-12 Turinabol 350 mg/w
1-12 GH 2-4 iu/d
Androgen equivalent Estrogen equivalent Anabolic equivalent Progesteron
6.50 2.86 11.64 0.69
Saw Palmetto may be needed.

TRT to follow cycles
1-12 Androgel 4 pumps/d
1-8 hCG 500 iu M-W-F
9-12 Clomid 175 mg/w
1-5 IGF-1 LR3 50 mcg

PCT to follow cycles
1-3 hCG 500 iu M-W-F
3-6 Clomid 175 mg/w
1-5 IGF-1 LR3 50 mcg

Cycle safely and don’t forget to get your bloods checked and take time off or at least a responsible TRT. Time off/TRT should last at minimum of 8 weeks in my opinion.

Written by Glycomann (Moderator at

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Things to consider before using Anabolic Steroids

Things to consider before using Anabolic Steroids

I have often been accused of being pro-steroid. Unfortunately, anabolic steroids belong to a long list of subjects that our society has forbidden any kind of intelligent discussion. It’s impossible to criticize a homosexual without being labeled a homophobe. You can’t discuss the possible merits of drug legalization because you are immediately branded a radical. Why in the world would someone want to defend the use of anabolic steroids, which have been clearly demonstrated to be killer drugs and the scourge of modern athletics?

I’m considered somewhat of a steroid guru. As such, the vast majority of questions I get asked on a daily basis deal with the use of these drugs. One of the most disturbing aspects of my job is all of the emails I read from people with an interest in using steroids who have absolutely know idea of what they are getting themselves into. If I had to quantify it, I would say 9 out of 10 people who write me have no business considering the use of steroids.

I’m not concerned with the reasons why a person wants to use these drugs. Quite frankly, I’d be the biggest hypocrite on the planet if I said it were ok to use steroids for competitive bodybuilding but not to better your self-esteem. As long as these drugs are being used for the sole purpose of physique enhancement, the motivation to use steroids is the same. These drugs will take your body past a point you could ever achieve naturally. So, if I’m not concerned with why someone wants to take steroids, what does concern me? Glad you asked. Let’s begin.

A Lack of Basic Knowledge of Anabolic Steroids

I’m always amazed at the cavalier attitude many people exhibit about their steroid use. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve received an email from someone who’s just started their first cycle and wants to know how effective the drugs are. Hello? Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse? You’ve already taken your shots, swallowed the pills, and now you’re writing to me wanting to know if you’re using an effective stack? Sorry, you’re a little too late.

The Internet is an amazing tool that allows virtually unlimited research on just about every topic you can possibly think of. Obviously anyone who can send me an email also has access to the Internet. So why do I get asked asinine questions like this time and time again? At the end of this article I’ll list several free online resources where individuals can get very good, unbiased knowledge about anabolic steroids.

If you don’t have access to the Internet, there are a plethora of books available on the subject of anabolic steroids. Several that come to mind are the World Anabolic Review, the Underground Steroid Handbooks 1 & II, Performance Enhancement with an Edge, and the Anabolic Reference Guide. Any one of these publications would impart enough information to the reader that they could make an informed, educated decision about steroid use, rather than simply jumping into the fray totally blind.

Steroids are certainly not the killer drugs our government and mass media has portrayed them to be. At the same time, there can be very serious consequences, both medically and legally, with their use. I could never swallow a pill or inject myself with a drug without knowing all of the possible ramifications of doing so, yet I sometimes wonder if my attitude is representative of an ever-shrinking minority.

Anabolic Steroids are Illegal Without a Prescription

I often wonder if this fact is lost upon people who use these drugs. The brazenness I see exhibited by people about their use is quite astonishing. Steroid users tend to associate with other steroid users. Every gym tends to have its “juiceheads” that all seem to run in the same circle. The Internet provides a comfortable haven for those to choose to use anabolic steroids, there are a variety of bodybuilding boards where athletes openly discuss their use of steroids and get advice from their peers. These groups tend to perpetuate the notion that steroids are somehow viewed differently by the criminal justice system.

I must admit that most local police officers do tend to view steroid use as a victimless crime. However, if you manage to attract the attention of law enforcement at the federal level, say by having steroids imported to you, things are entirely different. Agents of the DEA, DOJ, Customs, and other federal agencies view anabolic steroids in the same dim light as most recreational drugs. Once you enter the system, you tend to find that most judges and prosecutors share this same attitude.

I’ve been through the system because of steroids, and know a lot of other people who’ve been in my same situation. Judges and prosecutors have no mercy with steroid users. Steroid users are viewed as cheaters, bullies, people who prey on the weak of society. When I was facing charges of steroid trafficking back in 1996, the judge on my case made a comment that she thought steroids were worse than heroin. Needless to say, my ass puckered a bit after hearing this. I’ve heard enough anecdotal reports from associates and readers to know that once your caught, the consequences are not pleasant.

Certainly steroid use and steroid trafficking are viewed as different ends of the same spectrum. Most steroid users busted on simple possession charges will find themselves on probation, probably having to simply pay a fine and submit to drug testing for a short period of time. Trafficking carries much harsher consequences. Here’s the catch. A lot of drugs have set amounts that clearly define what is considered personal use and what is considered dealer quantities. Steroids are not defined in such a manner. Therefore, while you may get busted with what would clearly only be enough for personal use to those with even a rudimentary knowledge of anabolic steroids, the DA probably not going to fall into this category of people. While most prosecutors are very familiar with all manner of recreational drugs, anabolic steroid cases are rarely seen in most jurisdictions.

Most public defenders or criminal defense attorneys know nothing about these drugs. So, the most knowledgeable party in the entire case is often you, the defendant. How much credibility do you think you’ll have in your attempt to prove your stash was for personal use when your supporting documentation is the World Anabolic Review or Anabolic Reference Guide? About a year ago I tried to help an associate of mine prove that his positive drug test was a result of pro-hormone use. Although I sent him to court with a plethora of scientific references proving his position, both the prosecuting attorney and judge took the position that he was attempting to dazzle them with bullshit. He’s now finishing his last months in prison as a result of his positive test due to prohormones.

Anabolic Steroids are Very Psychologically Addictive

What kind of psychobabble is this? Quite simply, once you start using steroids, you won’t want to stop. Anabolic steroids take your body to a level you can never achieve naturally, and once that line is crossed, it’s very hard to ever train clean again.

I must have weighed around 230-235 lbs when I first started using steroids. I’d been stuck at this weight for a very long time. No matter how I ate, or how hard I trained, I wasn’t breaking this natural plateau. Every athlete has a natural genetic limit as to how much muscle they can carry, even under the most optimal of conditions. Once that barrier is reached, you’re not going to progress any further naturally. Oh, I’ve seen very dedicated natural bodybuilders add 5 lbs of lean body mass in a year after having seemingly reached their full genetic potential. I’ve also seen a lot of natural bodybuilders train for years at a time with very little change in their body whatsoever. For an athlete like this, the temptation to use steroids becomes greater and greater with each passing month.

So, what happens when a natural bodybuilder like the one above decides to use steroids? He grows. In doing so, he smashes the natural barrier and his body begins to transform. Realistically, how do you ever go back to training naturally again? We can liken muscular size to crack, it’s extremely addictive. I’m certain that most of you who have already gone over to the dark side can testify to this. It starts out with a small cycle, just one to add 15-20 lbs, then you’ll quit. After you achieve your goal, you decide to do another to add a little more weight. Pretty soon this becomes a vicious cycle with no end in sight. You’ve become so desensitized to steroid use that you start taking more and more risks with your health. You initial goal of weighing a ripped 215 lbs went out the door 10 cycles ago, now you’re shooting for 300 lbs and trying to score enough cash for that gyno surgery.

Steroid Have Serious Side Effects

Let me ask you a question? Do you like having a full head of hair? I’m sure the thought of women’s breasts excite you, but what about having a set of your own? Most importantly, it is your hope to fully enjoy the golden years of your life, aging gracefully like a fine bottle of wine? These are all things you need to carefully consider before using anabolic steroids.

For the most part, most of the detrimental side effects of anabolic steroids are not life threatening. Using myself as an example, I’m completely bald because of steroid use. Now I’m fortunate in that I have a head that allows me to look attractive as a bald man, I actually prefer being bald over having hair. However, you probably don’t, especially if you’re white like me. As a general rule, white men look ridiculous bald, the only group that can successfully pull off the bald look and still look cool are African-Americans.

Most bodybuilders develop gynocomastia to one degree or another if they use steroids for long enough. If you’ve been in a cave somewhere and don’t know what this is, it’s the condition commonly referred to as “bitch-tits” in bodybuilding vernacular. Again, using myself as an example, after three years of steroid use, I had a nice pair growing. It was so bad that I couldn’t go outside without wearing a shirt, and if I wore tight clothing (and what other kind is there when you weigh a muscular 295 lbs?) I had to put tape over my nipples. I was the butt of endless jokes from my loving friends. Every time we went out to breakfast and we ordered coffee, the joke was always the same. “Hey, we don’t need any cream, we like to take ours straight from the tap.” If we were out at bars, it was always the same story. “Hey ladies, if you’re ordering a white Russian, don’t worry about the milk, Jason can take care of you.” It cost me $5,000 (ok, so I had my chest lipo’d too) and 6 weeks out of the gym in order to fix the damage caused by years of steroid abuse.

Other common side effects include testicular atrophy, acne, edema (water retention), and a host of other conditions that tend to make you less than attractive. Now, we’ve all heard from the mainstream media how these drugs are killers and how they cause an untold number of deaths every year. For the longest time, the medical community denied that steroids even worked to improve athletic performance, effectively destroying any credibility they might have in trying to educate the public as to the real dangers of these drugs. Do I think anabolic steroids are killer drugs? No. However, I know for a fact that long-term abuse of anabolic steroids will shorten your life, and probably reduce your quality of life in your senior years. Steroids have a proven negative effect on cholesterol levels. Steroids will also cause hypertension in most people. Over time, these two factors will combine to negatively affect your cardiovascular health.

It’s been proven that most young people are unable to consider the negative long-term consequences of their actions. However, before you start using steroids, that’s exactly what you need to do. Let’s face it, we’re not ever going to see people dropping dead from steroid use, and you can’t overdose on steroids like you can with most recreational drugs. Having said that, what’s your risk to benefit ratio? When you’re sixty years old and undergoing a quadruple bypass, are the rewards of your steroid use in your youth going to be worth it? I’m not saying this is definitely going to happen, but it is a realistic possibility.

I use anabolic steroids. Am I a hypocrite? After reading this article you might think so. My goal in writing this is not to scare someone into not using anabolic steroids, it’s to give them a realistic assessment of the negative consequences of doing so. We live in a drug-culture that has taught us not to trust Big Brother. I really can’t blame anyone for not trusting the government, media, or medical community when it comes to information on anabolic steroids. None of these sources has every done anything to really engender our trust. However, I think I have, and I want people to know what the possible consequences of their actions.

I’m 28. Because of anabolic steroids I’m a twice-convicted felon. I’ve suffered from a myriad of steroid-related side effects, and am probably shortening my life through my continued use of these drugs. However, I was never blindsided by any of this, I was fully aware of all of the possible negative ramifications of steroids before I ever swallowed that first pill or took my first shot. I was totally and utterly anti-drug before I began my anabolic journey. As such, I thoroughly researched every aspect of anabolic steroid use before making the decision to proceed. I think as a group, bodybuilders tend to dismiss the negative consequences of steroids as so much bullshit, giving it as much credence as the old “reefer-madness” hysteria. I think we’ve been lied to so much that it’s created an aura of distrust and cynicism makes it difficult for many of us to view the subject objectively. If you’re considering using steroids, make an informed decision. Take the time to thoroughly research all of the consequences, both good and bad. Remember, knowledge is power.

By Jason Meuller

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